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Armenian Genocide 100


ArmenianGenocide100.org was created on the threshold of the Armenian Genocide centennial to commemorate the tragedy,
raise awareness of the crime against humanity and prevent future genocides.
Website is created by Floopen.

2.000.000+ visits
from 200+ different countries worldwide


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Project Details

    Armenian Genocide 100

    Armenian Genocide 100

    Date : June 2014
    Customer : Armenian Genocide Centennial
    Categories : Web Development & Design


    This is the official website dedicated to the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. The website was created by decision of the state committee on organization of events marking the Genocide centennial by Floopen Studio.

    Global IT Awards

    Global IT Awards

    Date : June 2014
    Customer : Global IT Award
    Categories : Web Development & Design


    On July 6th, 2009, President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan issued a Decree establishing a Global Award of the President of the Republic of Armenia for Outstanding Contribution to Humanity through IT (Global IT Award).

    The Global IT Award annually honors an individual who has made extraordinary contributions to humanity through advancing the world of IT. The award highlights Armenia on the world IT map as a growing high-tech destination.

    Inaugurated in 2009, the Global IT Award is granted on an annual basis to an individual whose internationally acclaimed contributions to IT have resulted in near-revolutionary or revolutionary developments that have positively impacted or hold the potential to positively impact the humanity. The contributions may be in the technological, educational, organizational, or financial areas.

    The Global IT Award consists of a gold and diamond medal, diploma and trophy evoking Armenia and high tech.

    The Awarding Program is implemented by the Award Committee and the international Selection Panel appointed by the President of the Republic of Armenia.

    Luys Foundation

    Luys Foundation

    Date : November 2013
    Customer : Luys Foundation
    Categories : Web Development & Design
    Website : www.luys.am


    In the knowledge-based global economy, Armenia must create a stronger presence among the world's leading creative thinkers and innovators to ensure that it thrives and participates equally with the leading nations. Luys Foundation has been tasked with this endeavor.

    Luys Foundation’s mission is threefold: LEARN, DO, CO-CREATE.

    LEARN - Create and unite a generation of critical, creative thinkers by increasing the number of Armenian students attending the world's leading universities, and providing financial support as well as mentoring to eligible students.

    DO - Build an infrastructure that harvests the knowledge, experience and connections of Luys students and offers programs that support the transition from academic to real-world achievement for Armenia’s benefit.

    CO-CREATE - Mobilize the youth to work together to find solutions to real world challenges through co-creation and innovative approaches. Develop the individual’s thinking while weaving a culture of collective intelligence.


    Armenia Wine

    Date : March 2016
    Customer : Armenia Wine
    Categories : Web Development & Design


    Armenia is an old country located on the crossroads of Europe and Asia outstanding with its rich history and culture. The world’s oldest wine cellar dating back 6200 years was found by archaeologists in south of Armenia, inside the Areni Cave (Vayots Dzor Region). The research group dated the cave to 4200 BC, providing evidence that wine was central from the beginning of Armenia’s evolution. This winemaking site is, unsurprisingly, the earliest proof of winemaking ever found. The vintners used their feet to press the wine in the clay basin, the juice of which would then drain into the vat, where it would remain to ferment until being stored in jars.

    Today Armenian wines are undergoing a revival period. We are inviting you to discover with us one of the oldest wine civilizations in the world.

    Atlantis Tour

    Atlantis Tour

    Date : February
    Customer : Atlantis Tour
    Categories : Web


    AtlantisTour LLC , founded in 1996 in Yerevan, Armenia, member of Atlantis Holding, is a travel services company, specialized in travels, air plane tickets. Has been granted membership of International Air Transport Association (IATA) and American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA).

    AtlantisTour LLC has a dedicated team of experts. Provides secure online reservation capabilities for airline tickets, cheap international flights, hotels, cruises and vacation packages to worldwide international destinations.

    AtlantisTour offers a complete solution for travelers to various Destinations such as: Air-tickets reservation, Hotel booking worldwide, Travel insurance policies, Pick up/transfer, Consulting & information providing.



    Date : October 2016
    Customer : SKILL.AM
    Categories : Web Development & Design
    Website : www.skill.am


    How often do you find yourself in a situation of choice? You have a goal and you know how to move forward to it, you clearly realize that the way is going through self-education and at this very moment you begin to look for opportunities. Our mission is to provide everyone an opportunity to acquire and develop professional and life skills.

    EV Consulting

    EV Consulting

    Date : February 2016
    Customer : EV Consulting
    Categories : Web Development & Design


    EV Consulting is a management advisory firm that serves companies and industries aspiring to move to the next level of competitiveness and innovativeness.

    EV Consulting partners with senior executives and business leaders to identify their next development level and carve pathways there. Such partnerships are established in diverse, but critical areas of management challenges - starting from spotting market opportunities, helping raise capital through designing and implementing complex management systems.

    EV Consulting enriches its thinking through its research arm - EV Research Center's activities. EV Research Center is a think-tank focused on studying competitiveness. EV is a partner institute of the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness and Benchmarking Network.

    Atlantis Holding

    Atlantis Holding

    Date : November 2013
    Customer : Atlantis Holding
    Categories : Web Development & Design


    Atlantis Holding is a company operating different business segments throughout Europe as well as in Armenia and CIS countries. The company is headquartered in Vienna, Austria with representative offices in Prague, Czech Republic and in Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.

    Armenian Lottery

    Armenian Lottery

    Date : February 2016
    Customer : Armenian Lottery
    Categories : Web Development & Design


    Inter Loto LLC was founded in 2008. The company has license of organizing and implementing lotteries in the Republic of Armenia. In the market the company is presented on behalf of Armenian Lottery brand. Currently there is a package of instantaneous lottery in the portfolio of Armenian Lottery, which is updated constantly.

    It is planned to have online and digital lotteries in the near future.

    Saege Consultants

    Saege Consultants

    Date : November 2013
    Customer : Saege Consultants
    Categories : Web Development & Design


    The goal is to be the champion in the consultancy market of armenia and contribute to the success of our customers. our pro-active approach, client oriented strategy and the strong expertise of our team members are the main driving force towards achieving our goal. Focusing on wide range of consultancy services, Saege consultants are here to bring you the best experience and results for your business. We provide full range of consultancy services to businesses, banks, state agencies, local and international entities all over Armenia and beyond.

    Atlantis European Airways

    Atlantis European Airways

    Date : August 2014
    Customer : Atlantis European Airways
    Categories : Web Development & Design
    Website : www.atlantis.am


    The Atlantis European Airways was founded on 19 January 1999. On 18 March 1999 it has been granted the Operating Certificate, which is being prolonged every year since.

    In 1999 the AEA has been granted by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) an ICAO code (LUR). In addition, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has granted the digital airline designator code ‘“TD” and accounting code “432”.

    The procedure of the membership of the IATA Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) (which, by the way, has been granted only few air companies in the region) is in the final stage.

    Initially the AEA started its activities with charter flights from Armenia mainly to CIS countries. The flights have been realized with Russian aircrafts, which previously have been leased from the company Armenian Airlines.

    In 2003 the AEA applied for a destination authorisation and was granted the following two destinations: Czech Republic (Prague) and Republic of Austria (Vienna), as Armavia was not interested in these two destinations.

    WWT Woodpeckers

    Best Western

    Date : March 2013
    Customer : Best Western Bohemian Resort
    Categories : Web Development & Design


    Located on the Sevan Lake beach, this resort hotel is 40 minutes’ drive from Yerevan. Guests are offered free Wi-Fi, an outdoor swimming pool and a sun terrace. All the rooms and cottages at Best Western Bohemian Resort Hotel feature classic-style décor, a flat-screen TV and a fridge. Bathrooms come with a shower. The Bohemian’s restaurant, with large windows overlooking the lake, serves Armenian and European cuisine. Refreshing cocktails and drinks are offered at the pool side bar. Guests of the hotel can relax on the sun terrace or take a dip into the swimming pool. Billiards, table tennis and darts facilities can also be found on site. The 9th-century Sevanavank Monastery is 4 minutes’ drive from Best Western Bohemian Resort Hotel, and the M4 Motorway is 1 minute’s drive away, providing a direct link to Yerevan. Zvartnots Airport is 78 km away.

    WWT Woodpeckers

    WWT Woodpeckers

    Date : November 2013
    Customer : WWT Woodpeckers
    Categories : Web Development & Design
    Website : www.wwt.am


    WWT is a not for profit start
up with a huge network of individuals, artisans, freelance workers and volunteers that supports children’s education and creates opportunities for local artisans to start their own businesses.

    Our hard-working team believes that Artsakh has
 a great potential to develop its export trade and tourism industries. Through our environmentally friendly and sustainable initiatives, we seek to transform Artsakh into an inspirational, dynamic and successful export hub.

    All of our handmade products are crafted in the regions of Artsakh and are packaged and shipped in a timely fashion from Stepanakert, the capital city of Artsakh.

    Abrahamyan Photograpgy

    Abrahamyan Photography

    Date : October 2014
    Customer : Abrahamyan Photography
    Categories : Photography Website

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    The Solution

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    Hovhannisyan & Partners

    Hovhannisyan & Partners

    Date : May 2016
    Customer : Hovhannisyan & Partners
    Categories : Web Development & Design
    Website : www.hap.am


    Hovhannisyan and partners started operating in Yerevan in 2013 and was founded by Hayk Hovhannisyan, who is an experienced lawyer and has been practicing since 1999.

    Despite being relatively recent in the local market, we have claimed our positions as one of the leading team of professionals specialized and experienced in transactions across industries like high technology, aviation, TV and telecom, hotel operation, food and beverages industry, banking, labor, mining and construction. Our practice covers from day to day “in house counsel” service for our corporate clients, to due diligence, dispute resolution and complex M&As. In addition, advice is rendered in scopes of IP, licensing, anti-monopoly, fast-moving consumer goods and franchising. A full package of legal services is offered for business implementation, labor and immigration procedures.



    Date : October 2016
    Customer : AMPOP.AM
    Categories : Web Development & Design
    Website : www.ampop.am


    Ampop.am is owned and operated by the Journalists For the Future (JFF) NGO jointly with the Ampop Media (AM) initiative. The website is made possible in cooperation with the Armenian Branch of Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES). The views and opinions expressed in this website are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of donor organizations, any agency or company cooperating with AM or JFF.


    Western Armenia Foundation

    Date : March 2017
    Categories : Web Development & Design


    The National Council supports the installation of the descendants of the exiles, which will be accompanied by the payment of indemnities compensating the damages suffered by creating an International Fund largely financed by the recognized states responsible for the Genocide of the Armenians.

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      Lusine Tangyan

      Lusine Tangyan
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    • It is always encouraging to have such an organized staff behind you to support your first steps in the World of startups. WWT strives to constantly prove that it deserves to be a part of the great network built by Floopen.

      Ashot Margaryan

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      Emma Sargsyan

      Emma Sargsyan
      CEO, Saege Consultants

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